Partners with Business And Disability:IN Wisconsin


Through the Partners with Business initiative, employers and supported employment service providers use best practice strategies to train and support workers with disabilities. If a worker needs additional support above and beyond what is typically provided by supervisors and coworkers, the employer can receive funding to provide this extra support.  This cost effective business strategy reduces the overreliance on job coaching


Hiring people with disabilities is good for business!  Partners with Business initiative helps service providers and employers support workers with disabilities to be successful and independent at work. Their strategies result in cost-effective, flexible, inclusive employment, and help businesses improve their bottom line and workplace diversity goals. 


Disability:IN Wisconsin plans to implement an employer engagement plan by researching and creating tools, coordinating a campaign, and meeting with stakeholders to help businesses recognize the business case for hiring people with disabilities and using the Partners with Business strategies.


An employer engagement plan will:

  • Ensure good job matches between employers and job seekers with disabilities
  • Empower employers to directly train and supervise their employees with disabilities
  • Cultivate workplace inclusion and natural supports
  • Maximize independence on the job for workers with disabilities
  • Reimburse employers for the costs of providing formal support above and beyond the “natural supports” typically found in the workplace to their employees with disabilities, rather than relying on outside job coaches provided by a vocational agency

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For information about a Partners with Business Initiative within your organization contact

Judy Quigley

Executive Director, Disability:IN Wisconsin



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