Mental Health@Work Program

Mental Health@Work Toolkit

About the Toolkit

The goal of Disability:IN’s Roadmap to Mental Wellness in the Workplace is to inspire action, improve workplace
productivity, and impact the well-being of millions of employees and their families around the world.

Mental Health@Work Toolkit

About Mental Health@Work

Disability:IN Wisconsin’s Mental Health@Work program, dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and support in the workplace. Our program offers a variety of interactive workshops and informative webinars designed to educate organizations on the importance of mental health and provide practical strategies for fostering supportive work environments. Through our workshops, participants learn about topics such as stress management, resilience building, and creating a culture of psychological safety. Our webinars feature expert speakers who share insights and best practices for implementing effective mental health strategies within organizations. Additionally, our members have access to exclusive opportunities, including networking events, peer support groups, and tailored resources to support their mental health initiatives. Join us in our commitment to creating workplaces where mental health is prioritized, supported, and celebrated.