Neurodiversity @ Work Program

About Neurodiversity @ Work

Disability:IN Wisconsin’s Neurodiversity@Work program is dedicated to promoting inclusion and empowerment for neurodiverse individuals in the workplace. Our program offers a range of engaging workshops, informative webinars, and screenings of the documentary “Neurodiversity at Work,” designed to educate, inspire, and drive positive change.

Through our workshops, participants gain practical strategies for fostering neurodiversity acceptance and creating inclusive work environments. Our webinars feature expert speakers discussing key topics related to neurodiversity in the workplace, from accommodation best practices to leadership strategies. Additionally, our documentary screenings provide valuable insights into the experiences of neurodiverse individuals and highlight the benefits of embracing neurodiversity in the workforce.

Neurodiversity @ Work Documentary

The Film

In collaboration with Good Friend, Inc. we are excited to offer Disability:IN Wisconsin member companies an exclusive, internal screening of the documentary “Neurodiversity at Work,” an inspiring training film showcasing the talent of neurodivergent employees from diverse industries.

Employee Engagement

Film screenings are paired with a roundtable or panel discussion. This training is designed to bring awareness to neurodiversity in the workplace and build understanding and empathy toward neurodivergent talent.

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Neurodiversity @ Work – Training Course

Good Friend Inc. provides a full training program featuring a film screening and e-learning modules, as well as breakout discussions and exercises.  They take learners from awareness to action as they learn about neurodiversity, understand the benefits of a neurodiverse workplace, and learn what is needed to attract, hire, retain and support neurodivergent talent.

This training is designed to immerse learners in comprehensive content over a full day or two half-day training sessions. Disability:IN Wisconsin Members qualify for a 15% discount of the program.



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