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Disability:IN Wisconsin
is the state’s only business-to-business association that promotes disability inclusion in the workplace, marketplace and supply chain. Disability:IN Wisconsin is an affiliate of Disability:IN, a nationwide organization.

Partners with Business And Disability:IN Wisconsin

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BUILDING BUSINESS CAPACITY Through the Partners with Business initiative, employers and supported employment service providers use best practice strategies to train and support workers with disabilities. If a worker needs additional support above and beyond what is typically provided by supervisors and coworkers, the employer can receive funding to provide this extra support.  This cost…

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Disability Self-ID Best Practices

On July 30, 2020 Disability:IN Wisconsin welcomed business leaders from across the state to learn about the importance of self-identification and disclosure of disabilities in the workplace. Tracey Andrus from Rangam Consultants Inc., Greg Pollock from PNC, and Lea Collins-Worachek from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development discussed questions about how this tool can destigmatize…

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