Newsletter From the Executive Director

Disability:IN has recognized Disability:IN Wisconsin as “The Affiliate of the Year for demonstrating exemplary efforts in promoting the vision, mission and spirit of Disability:IN. The Wisconsin team helps their territory understand, utilize, and benefit from the valuable resources that people with disabilities present in the workplace, supply chain and marketplace”. Together through the strength of every person and every organization we are striving to make disability inclusion part of every organization’s business stratagem.

We’ve leaned on one another to learn and build.   Disability:IN Wisconsin started in 2019 with 6 founding members that made a declaration to create a workplace that is welcoming and inclusive for all, including individuals with disabilities. Starting a new organization is always difficult.  The first year the Board of Directors challenged us to push change through programming and building strategic alliances.  As our affiliate was developing, we aligned our key initiatives as well as dealing with the growing pains of a new organization. Early on we had the ability to be flexible, listen to all areas and to make a firm decision on next steps.  Having strong business leaders at the table helped us expedite this as in year one we built. Year two we were operating with our infrastructure of communication and a solid programming offering.  Year three we are planning our Third Annual Wisconsin Ability Summit, we’ve seen a full line up of programs, started an ERG/BRG network, have grown membership and have the strength of our members and volunteers running our committees.

Several years ago a young woman gave a presentation at a Special Olympics Event.   Her words were simple:

“Never let anybody say you can’t Believe in Yourself Pursue your dreams

Surround yourself with people who will help your get where you want to be”

As the Executive Director of Disability:IN Wisconsin, I’ve used these words as my guiding principle.  Because we don’t allow anyone to say you can’t, we are pushing change through conversation, closing the gap on disability inclusion, creating accessibility for all and leaving a space a little bit better than when we found it   Together, we are encouraging and empowering people with disabilities to pursue their dreams. Disability:IN Wisconsin networks with businesses who have a shared commitment to expanding opportunities for people with disabilities by helping companies invigorate their disability initiatives, explore best practices, drive cultural transformation, build a disability inclusion brand and band realize positive business outcomes.  Disability:IN Wisconsin is surrounded by an exceptional board, members, volunteers and strategic partners who share the same vision and purpose for a fully inclusive and welcoming workforces.

I encourage all companies to treat disability inclusion as a business priority. We can succeed if we work together to measure progress and drive the business investments needed to scale change.