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Mind Shift is an organization that assesses, trains, and hires high functioning individuals on the autism spectrum. Our expertise ranges from data analytics and software development, to quality control and light industrial positions.

Mind Shift’s D&I initiatives are more external than internal. Our mission is to employ individuals on the autism spectrum, so our internal D&I initiatives are woven into our mission. Externally, we measure success by the extent that we are able to employ more people on the spectrum and place them in roles at organizations looking not only to meet their internal D&I initiatives, but also their strategic growth plans. We believe that contracting with Mind Shift is not only doing good, but it is also a good business decision, and we have the historical data to prove that.

Mind Shift (mindshift.works) has several success stories to tell from our business partner’s hiring individuals on the spectrum. From the second largest health insurer in the US basing their entire data analytics practice on Mind Shift Specialists, to Target hiring software developers for their supply chain division, lab technicians working on cutting edge gene therapies, Medicare utilizing our data skills to quantify the impact of COVID, or Boston Scientific using us for quality control on their production lines.

Here is a video testimonial from Anthem: