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Disability:IN Wisconsin realizes that businesses are at a different place in their journey toward disability inclusion in the workplace, marketplace, and supply chain. We strive to provide resources to “meet you where you are” on your journey by providing content to build knowledge and simple steps to take action.

Where are you on your path toward disability inclusion?

Business Case

The place where business leaders can go to help build a business case for disability inclusion at their company.  You will learn more about the advantage of disability inclusion and investments toward disability inclusion.

Getting Started

Now that the business case is made, the place where business leaders can go for help on getting started.  Taking action, even if they are small steps to get started.  You will learn about establishing an Employee or Business Resource Group (ERG/BRG), as well as the top benchmarking tool, the Disability Equality Index (DEI).

Workforce Culture

For companies at any level, the place where business leaders can go to learn more on making deeper employment connections for disability inclusion. This information will help anchor the business culture and environment in disability inclusion with topics related to accessibility, accommodations, self-identification, self-disclosure, compliance and labor law

Supplier Connections

For companies, potentially at a more advanced level, the place where business leaders can go to learn more about engaging with inclusive suppliers or disability owned business enterprises (DOBEs).  You will learn best practices and see case studies on driving successful outcomes.