CUNA Mutual Group is a financially strong insurance, investment and financial services company enabling people to make financial decisions that work for them. The company was built on the principle of “people helping people” and the belief that a brighter financial future should be accessible to everyone

We offer consumer and commercial insurance, retirement and investment solutions; and business solutions including data and analytics, lending capabilities and marketing services.

CUNA Mutual Group made Inclusion a core value to our organization in 2016. We believe diversity, equity and inclusion are critical to the success of our corporate business strategy. We leverage each employees unique contributions to enhance business performance. We are committed to:

  • Fostering a culture where all employees can contribute, advance and feel valued
  • Attracting and retain a diverse workforce
  • Holding leaders and employees accountable to promote diversity and inclusion in all teams

CUNA Mutual Group has ten different ERGs and the Allies For Disabilities ERG that focuses on disability inclusion. Allies for Disabilities brings together employees with disabilities and their allies to support each other and help CUNA Mutual Group in its effort for inclusiveness among employees and customers.  For this group’s purpose, disability refers to physical limitations, mental health issues, cognitive disability, chronic illness, or any other health issue with a disabling impact.

Disability inclusion is a journey for CUNA Mutual and there have been some good wins along the way that have resulted us in scoring 80 on the DEI in 2019 and 2020.  However, one of the biggest impacts we have had is creating an environment where people with disabilities of all types can bring their whole selves to work and allow our work communities to be caring allies. We have made a point of asking leaders to share their experiences with disability and chronic illness and then asking members to share their stories. Many of our people say that it’s a weight off their back to know that other colleagues experience these things and it’s okay to talk about at work. Finally, as we are undergoing constructing a new building on our campus in Madison, we are looking at designing in the right level of accessibility and accommodations into this facility to ensure it is an inclusive and welcoming space for people with disabilities.